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"My goal with this project is to be able to offer the community a free rideshare service in exchange for their support towards the companies that help to support this project."
Luis Kreische
Founder & MD

Thanks to great businesses & people

We love the big brands making this project a reality but what about the people who are they? Well, we glad to introduce you to the great people making this project a reality.

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How it works?

This project is only possible thanks to the sponsorship of great businesses and big brands, thanks to them we are able to offer you a 100% free rideshare service and in return you get to know who are the best business to support, so all works together.

The Free rideshare project app

We are currently working with businesses and developers to get the app up and running as soon as possible and once it’s available on Android & Play store we will be updating you all on Patreon.

Important things to know

Is it really free?

YES, thanks to awesome businesses in your local community!

What hours is it available?

Our available days and hours will be displayed within the app and in here once the app is launched.

Can I support this too?

You sure can, our Founder & MD has a Patreon page that anyone can help to support.

What Rideshare means?

It basically means that you will be sharing a ride with people going a similar way to where you will be going.

Do I need a credit card?

Yes you do, despite the fact that this service is free we do have fines in place followed by possible account deactivation in case of soil or damage.

Will there be more drivers?

We hope to introduce more drivers and vehicles as we develop the project but as of a starting point we are under a trial with one vehicle and one driver.

The Free Rideshare Project Gold Sponsors

Available soon

Available soon

Remember to support the business brands sponsoring this project!

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